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Our mission is to give artists a platform to assert agency in the face of oppressive social systems, to tell stories that elevate equity and social justice. We envision a society in which creative acts of knowledge-making open new spaces for equity and social justice.

A series of abstract shapes overlapping in different colors and textures

Our goal for Creativity in the Time of COVID-19: Art for Equity and Social Justice is to open public spaces that make room for the voices of people disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in some cases people who work with those populations. We are also creating materials that invite people who come to the exhibit to respond to the work and to help build compassion and solutions for the inequities and social injustices made visible by the pandemic. We are actively making sure that members of the greater Lansing community have opportunities to attend and to add their voices to the stories told by the exhibit through free workshops and other interactive event surprises.

We have learned so much about the ways creative activities are used by people in their everyday contexts as they have been affected by COVID-19. Working with organizations like DisArt, STQRY, Capital City Film Festival, and our other community partners has shown us the true value of collaborating with people and organizations who have shared goals for inclusion, equity, and social justice. We are all inspired to know there are others who are working toward these goals and whose approaches to collaboration are compassionate and focused on uplifting us all.

This exhibition is supported by a Mellon “Just Futures” grant.

To make all exhibit sites accessible, QR codes on the labels of artwork will take people to audio versions of the text and image descriptions. The exhibit guides have been trained by an organization called STQRY to assist people with technology so they can access all of the accessible pieces. Content will be translated into Spanish, French, Hindi, and Mandarin. STQRY will create an online version of the exhibit that will be active for 6 months before being archived to the MSU libraries.



Nancy Dejoy standing next to a white wall with abstract art. She has gray hair pulled back and large glasses

Nancy DeJoy


Headshot of Fatima. She has brown highlighted shoulder length hair and dark skin. She is wearing a tan blazer and wearing burgundy lipgloss

Fatima Konare


Ben Lash has long curly dark hair and is wearing a pink shirt with a tan blazer. He is sitting outside laughing

Ben Lash

Label and Translations Manager 

Headshot of Kelsey. She has long black hair and dark skin. She is sitting outside smiling

Kelsey Abner

Inventory Analyst & Assistant Materials Manager

Physical Exhibit Team

Kelsey Abner

Tasnim Ahmed

Nancy Dejoy

Joshua Dixon

Harmant Grewal

Sydney Kleiner

Fatima Konare

Benjamin Lash

Zoe Potts

Ushasai Reddy

Marta Vaitkaitis

Selection Committee

Kelsey Abner

Tasnim Ahmed

Micaela Balzer

Rachid Benharrousse

Margaret Bice

Kate Birdsall

Patricia Brown

Soohyun Cho

Dominic Cochran

Sheila Contreras

Joshua Dixon

Harmant Grewal

Vishok Gunasekar

Salah Hassan

Julie Huston

Peter Johnson

Sydney Kleiner

Fatima Konare

Benjamin Lash

Jes Lopez

Cody Mejeur

Craig Pearson

Payal Ravani

Ayla Schwartz

Ceili Widmann

Marta Vaitkaitis

Community Partners

Capital City Film Festival 

Common Notice

The Cube @ MSU


MSU Translation Center

Location Partners

Impression 5

Lansing Art Gallery 

REACH Studios

Refugee Development Center